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Logistic Services

1. International Road Logistics within the European Union

  • Carriage of Hazardous Goods (ADR)

All vehicles are equipped for the transportation of different ADR class loads – from 2nd to 9th grade. Learn more on ADR cargo on: – FAQ about ADR cargo

PamelaTrans also can provide customers with combined services, such as ADR products from different classes can be transported together, in a full commitment with the European Union stringent safety measures.

  • Carriage of Full Loads

Full truck loads are occupying the entire displacement, the maximum tonnage or linear feet of trailer. A common truck’s length, width and height are: 13.60 * 2.48 * 2.80 m; and maximum tonnage per full loads is considered to be 24 items. Depending on load and the number of pallets, goods are divided into groupage and complete. Pallets can be of different sizes. When the load is composed of pallets, the trailer may be loaded with 34 pieces.

    • Carriage of Grоupage loads

    Groupage cargo carriers are occupying part of the displacement, tonnage or linear meters of trucks. Groupage cargo is cargo that can be combined with other cargo or commodity. Common practice is loading of mixed pallets with standard or customized sizes.

    2. Freight-Forwarding Services

      PamelaTrans also engages in hiring other logistics companies to carry out your requested cargo. We can find the best logistics solution for you in terms of quality, safety and time, because we have been in the transportation industry for over 26 years now, and we had managed to build long-term partnerships with many successful and quality logistics solutions providers.
    • Carriage full-truck loads;
    • Carriage of  Groupage Loads;

    3. Consultation Services and prices formation:

    Furthermore about us:
    We are always interested in growing our business and knowledge, so that is why we are always ready to cooperate and talk with new or existing partners about any kind of transportation services, needed Europe. Logistics and trucks.