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Dear Logistics Fans,
We are very happy to announce that in 2018
we had added 4 new beautiful Scania trucks.
And the year is just half-past yet…
Don’t you just love R450?
Have a look:

r 450 pAMELA scania

Hello, dear PamelaTrans Logistics friends!

Today is the International Smile Day!

And since we think that working with a smiley on our faces, we can achieve better results,

we have prepared a video-surprise for this special day.

PamelaTrans International Transportation and Logistics presents:

PamelaTrans International Transportation and Logistics

We would like to greet you with our special video: We are from PamelaTrans Logistics, Bulgaria

Locations News:

We have been providing cargo services for many years in many European countries,
such as Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The news is now PamelaTrans is doing more haulages in Spain and Portugal.

We do road logistics in Italy, also.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!

trucks of pamela

trucks of pamela