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Which goods are in ADR group?

ADR cargoes are the ones, which could be harmful or toxic for the environment. They are categorized in different groups, depending on their danger.

2nd – 9th class ADR cargoes: Substances included in these classes are: flammable and combustible gases, toxic gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, self-reactive substances, explosives in non-explosive condition substances, substances, which on contact with water emit flammable gases, oxidizing substances, organic peroxides, toxic substances, infectious substances, radioactive substances, fissionable material, corrosive substances, other dangerous substances and articles.

Which are the ADR requirements for the driver?

To mandatory ADR-equipment includes license of the driver, and Trem-card, which shows the risk of danger, and which substance is being transported. Trem-cards are translated in all languages, spoken in the European Union, and they serve as a certificate of the truck driver. These cards indicate that divers are aware of the hazardous class of the cargo, and imply how the ADR Cargo should be offloaded at no risk for humans, nor the environment..

Should the customer pay extra for road tolls?

No. All tolls are included in the price of transport.

Who is responsible for security of cargo? What happens in case of damage or theft?

CMR-insurance covers damage to cargo.

How quickly will the product be shipped?

Depending on where the goods are located, what is the load (groupage or sets) and depending on the season a specific timing is set upon the request inquiry. PamelaTrans always strives to provide the optimal delivery timings in all of its logistics services.